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Marine gas turbine

Considering small size, light weight, large power output, gas turbine is widely applied as marine propulsion plant. The application type of marine gas turbine plant includes:
  • Mechanical driven marine gas turbine plant: 1. CODAG (combined diesel and gas turbine) 2. COGAG (combined gas turbine and gas turbine)
  • Electrical driven marine gas turbine plant
As marine gas turbine plant package supplier, GH TURBINE supplies whole set of marine gas turbine plant, which includes core engine, starting system, fuel oil system, lube oil system, pneumatic control system, ventilation system, anti-water system, air inlet and outlet system, water washing system, monitoring and control system, electrical system, enclosure, etc. GH TURBINE has been engaged in engineering, design, packaging of marine gas turbine plant, and supplying life circle service to marine client for decades. Till now couples of marine gas turbine plants have been delivered to navy client, which successfully achieved many times of convoy and visit tasks.

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