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Gas Turbine Generator

As one of the earliest package integrator in China, GH TURBINE supplies the whole set of Gas Turbine Generator Package for clients and is responsible for its quality and performance guarantee. Based on the core engine provided by partner-company, GH TURBINE provides GTG package with auxiliary systems including air inlet system, exhaust system, enclosure, fuel forwarding system, fuel control system, fire fighting system, lubricating oil system, electrical system and automatic control system, etc.
As the critical guarantee equipment to achieve power structure optimization and sustainable development of electrical system economic and reliable operation, Gas Turbine Generator is widely used in:
  • Simple Cycle power plant
  • Combined Cycle power plant
  • Cogeneration of Heat and Power
  • District distributed energy
  • Oil & Gas Industrial power
  • Offshore platforms and FPSO vessels
  • Emergency and standby power
GH TURBINE is dedicated to offer Gas Turbine Generator with reliable performance, high economy for various clients, to help them to achieve low-cost, high-efficiency business goals.

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