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GH TURBINE’s main products include gas turbine generators and gas turbine compressors for industrial and oil & gas field application, and gas turbine units for marine application.

The core engines for package integration by GH TURIBNE include one model of own developed gas turbine with a capacity of 25MW, SGT serial gas turbines for mechanical drive from SIEMENS, UGT serial gas turbines for generation and mechanical drive from “ZORYA”-“MASHPROEKT” and H serial gas turbines for generation and mechanical drive from MITSUBISH-HITACHI.

With rich experience on gas turbine package R&D, system integration and application, GH TURBINE developed a number of key auxiliary systems, such as inlet fogging cooling system, Load/Power management system, Automatic control system, etc.

With professional skills and excellent capabilities on integration, GH TURBIE takes full responsibility for delivered whole set of equipments of any configuration and for any application.

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